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Speed of Sound

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This is an RP journal only...


Marvel_ous House of M Bio:

Prince Pietro is a diplomat and a politician, the public face of the House of M, the one who gets invited to all the cool parties! His father has a strong hold over him -- not to mention the rest of the world -- and though they fight on many issues, Pietro is loyal and devoted to his family. He does not have a code name, he's just Prince Pietro (the artist formerly known as Quicksilver?!).

As outspoken and opinionated as ever, this Pietro has not had to fight so long and hard against oppression (or what he views as oppression) and is therefore less of a jerk. He does, however, have his own personal rules of what's wrong and right, and sticks to those rules.


NAME: Pietro Django Maximoff
ALIASES: Pietro Frank, Gypsy Davey, Mateo Maximoff, Quicksilver
AGE: 30s
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 175 lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Silvery white

ABILITIES: Speed! Quicksilver possesses superhuman speed, and can travel on foot at a velocity exceeding the speed of sound (770 mph) for hundreds of miles before tiring. He can "fly" for short distances by flapping his arms or "vibrating" his legs, though he does this rarely (not very dignified). His vitesse allows him to create cyclones, dodge machine gun and laser fire, and run up walls and across water. His thought processes are also much faster than that of a normal human or mutant, though he's not necessarily smarter (but don't tell him that...) He is also a master of hand-to-hand combat, thanks to hours of tedious training with Captain America... yawn.

PERSONALITY: Prickly, arrogant and self-centred. Pietro can't stand that the world goes at such a slow pace when he moves so much faster. Those he does deem worthy of his presence, however, are held very dear to his heart.

HISTORY: (not entirely canon, for RPing purposes)

Pietro and his sister Wanda were born in the High Evolutionary's citadel at Mount Wundagore after their mother Magda fled from her husband Magneto, whose powers had recently manifested. Magda left the twins with the Evolutionary's servant Bova, who tried to substitute them for the child of Robert Frank (AKA the Whizzer), who had died in childbirth, along with his wife Madeline (AKA Miss America), only minutes before elsewhere in the citadel. However, upon learning of his wife's death, Frank was so distraught that he ran out of the citadel, leaving Bova with two babies to house. (Years later, however, the twins would come to believe that Frank was their true father.)

Bova brought the situation before her master, and the Evolutionary chose the gypsy couple Django and Marya Maximoff, and presented them with the children of Magneto. Upon reaching adolescence, Pietro discovered his gift of speed, and used it to escape his town with his sister when Django began to steal food for his family. When Wanda's powers first flared up and destroyed a house, Pietro tried to save her from the ensuing mob, who believed she was a witch. Just then, Magneto, with no idea that he was their father, appeared and saved the twins, recruiting them into his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants under the names of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. Pietro and his sister followed Magneto for some time, but then left for their home in Transia, where they were soon recruited by the Avengers. Later, Pietro joined Magneto once more, coercing Wanda to come with him, but then changed his mind and the two became Avengers again.

In a battle with the Sentinels, Pietro was severely injured, and was whisked away for medical attention by Crystal, a member of the Inhuman Royal Family. During his convalescence, Pietro fell in love with Crystal, and the two were married. Shortly thereafter, Luna Maximoff was born. At the same time, Magneto discovered that Pietro and Wanda were his true children, but when he tried to convince Pietro to rejoin himm, he was refused.

Pietro's neglect eventually drove Crystal to another man, and upon discovering the betrayal he refused to forgive her. He then embarked on a campaign of terrorism against the world, starting with the framing of the Avengers. Later, it was discovered that Crystal's cousin Maximus had been using mind-control to intensify Pietro's aggression, and when it wore off, Pietro and Crystal attempted a reconciliation, which failed miserably. Quicksilver joined the West Coast Avengers while Crystal and Luna went their own way, joining forces with X Factor.

The story so far: HOUSE OF M, BABY! HOUSE OF M!!!

Quicksilver and all other X-Men characters are the property of Marvel comics.